What is YRL?

Every summer Camp Orkila hosts hundreds of teens who love camp. They make new friends, challenge themselves, and grow as individuals. But once their session is over, they must wait a whole year to return. Well, not anymore! Now with the Year-Round Leadership (YRL) Program, camp can be experienced every month of the year!

The YRL program is for teens who want to continue their camp experience and leadership development all year in Seattle. The goal of the program is to foster the camp experience, community, and growth for its participants. This is accomplished through:

  1. Gatherings: YRLs gather in the evenings at the Downtown Y for 2 hours of peer-lead activities. Each gathering is planned and lead in YRL duos. The activities can range from facilitating camp activities, to playing Ultimate Frisbee, or doing a group art project. The sky is the limit! They always end with a value session and snacks are provided! Gatherings are the basis of the YRL program and are a great way for participants to connect and lead.

  1. Service Projects: In alignment with the YMCA Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, and Caring, the YRL program is service-based. Participants take the values that they have developed at Camp Orkila and bring them back to the Seattle community through service. Projects range from outdoor trail projects, to volunteering in food banks. There will be at least one service project per month.

  1. Camp Orkila Volunteerism: At many points in the year, Year-Round Leaders will help out Camp Orkila with miscellaneous events! These can range from visiting Camp Orkila over the weekend, to hosting Camp Orkila events in the city.

Together, these three components push participants to take up leadership opportunities, maintain camp friendships, and continue camp experiences all year in Seattle. Gatherings will take place in small groups. Service projects and Camp Orkila volunteerism will be open to all participating YRLs. 

Do you love camp? Do you live in the Seattle area? Have you participated in one of the following programs? Then you are encouraged to be a YRL! Anyone who has participated in one of the following Summer 2016 programs and lives in the Seattle area may participate:

  • Challengers (Mt. O and Loowits)
  • Leadership Development Institute (LDI)
  • Teen Expeditions
  • Counselor In Training (CIT)
  • Orkila Summer Intern (OSI)

YRL will hold its first gathering on November 2, 2016. Gatherings are every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30pm. A Calendar of events can be found under the Calendar tab.

Group gatherings will take place at the Downtown Seattle YMCA:

Downtown Seattle YMCA
909 Fourth Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

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